Warehouse Control System

                        System Introduction

                        The system is composed of intelligent warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS). WMS realizes the data binding between materials and trays through RFID / barcodes and other information identification technologies, so as to effectively control and track the material dynamics. As the core part of the entire software system, it integrates the operation of each subsystem and monitoring system in the back end. WMS connects with WCS and other equipment control systems to realize warehouse operation scheduling and build a comprehensive, efficient and intelligent warehouse management platform. At the same time, WMS can also be connected with ERP, MES and other systems to provide technical support for LIB industry 4.0.

                        WCS is between WMS information management system and logistics equipment hardware execution equipment, receiving the instruction of the management system and control the logistics equipment; Real-time feedback with the instruction execution results and status of the logistics equipment.

                        Software Advantages

                        1. Real-time acquisition of equipment status information and animation display;
                        3. Intelligent optimal route management and intelligent process route allocation;
                        4. Dynamic configuration of flexible process route;
                        5. One-key transformation for quick type change;
                        6. Intelligent scheduling of multi-type battery mixing production.