● Current accuracy :±(0.025% FS + 0.025% RD)   ● The size is 3 times smaller than Standard system.   ● Adopt resonant type of soft-switching technique.

                        ● The highest efficiency ≥90%    ● Intelligent air cooling design;? ? ? ? ? ?? ● Current response time <20mS   ● Voltage accuracy:1mV     ● The highest voltage acquisition rate:10mS    ● Support digital temperature sensor(±0.5℃)   ● In series state, each channel can be charge in CV independently.

                        ● High frequency shunt bypass technology    ● CV charge efficiency ≥90%     ● Quick pluggable design, small size.


                        Technical Parameters


                        System Specification 80V12A 80V20A 80V30A 40V40A 40V60A 40V80A 40V120A 40V160A 40V200A 40V250A
                        Channel Quantity 16 16 16 8 8 8 8 8 8 8
                        Current / Voltage Accuracy Current: ±(0.025% FS + 0.025% RD) voltage: ±1mV
                        Channel Advantages Adopt composite series-parallel charging and discharging technology, discharging energy feedback to the grid, saving more than 60% compared with the conventional one; Adopt single circuit structure in CC and CV source: No overcharge during CC to CV;

                        Automatic adjustment for error of current and voltage; Automatic remote online upgrade of firmware; Standard modularized design;

                        Power Terminal Discharging Input Voltage Range 0.7V-5V (Apply For All Materials System)
                        Charging Mode CC charging,CV charging,CCCV charging
                        Charging Efficiency ≥90%
                        Charging Cut-off Conditions Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Temperature
                        Discharging Mode CC charging
                        Discharging Efficiency ≥90%
                        Discharging Cut-off Conditions Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Temperature
                        Discharging Efficiency of System ≥80%(including wire loss and energy consumption of auxiliary parts)
                        Optional Functions CV discharge, DCIR test, OCV test
                        System Advantages 1. CC/CV series-parallel composite charging and discharging mode.。

                        2. Compared with the conventional feedback technology solution, the composite-type system can save more than 60% of energy.

                        3. Operating costs (electricity, maintenance, cooling) are reduced by more than 60%, which greatly cut down manufacturing costs.

                        4. High accuracy of current/voltage acquisition control: current accuracy is higher than 0.025% and voltage accuracy is 1mV.

                        5. Accurately and rapidly realize screening the abnormal batteries caused by internal process: Judge the internal short-circuit in advance to ensure safer production process.

                        6. Save 85% of cable usage, 50% of occupying space.