Development History

                        • Start the Journey In 2014

                          Zhuhai Titans New Power Electronics Co., Ltd. established

                        • In 2015

                          Promote fully automated back-end production solutions for LIB

                        • Well-grounded Development In 2016

                          Comprehensively develop business and steadily?occupy?the first?place in LIB back-end production equipment industry.

                        • New journey In 2017

                          Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., a listed company, acquired Titans New Power to complete the whole layout for LIB production process.

                        • In 2018

                          Fully develop international business, and successively cooperate with Tesla, Northvolt and other international companies

                        • Honors In 2019

                          Award ” National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations “, “Guangdong May Day Labor Award”, etc. Establish Doctor’s Workstation of Guangdong Province.

                        • (中文) 先后榮獲 In

                          (中文) 榮獲獨角獸潛力企業、國家專精特小巨人企業;先導高端智能裝備華南總部制造基地動工。


                        (中文) 高新技術企業
                        (中文) 廣東省博士站
                        (中文) 廣東省電池自動化系統與裝備工程技術研究中心 (1)
                        (中文) 省級企業技術中心
                        (中文) 珠海市化成分容自動化工程技術研究中心
                        (中文) 珠海市重點企業技術中心
                        (中文) 專利優秀獎

                        Enterprise Culture

                        Each of us aspires to be a striver

                        • Vision

                          To be the world's preferred supplier of intelligent equipment for LIB.

                        • Mission

                          To lead the rapid development of intelligent equipment industry for new energy with technological innovation

                        • Values

                          Customer-centric, Staff-based, Results-oriented
                          Sustainable Innovation, Focus on perfection, Hard working, Self-criticism
                          Both virtue and ability, Honesty and Faithful, Simple and Pragmatic
                          Responsibility, Teamwork, Agility and Flexibility

                        • Concept of Execution

                          Focus, Perfection, Reputation, Fast